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The Panafrican Art Association (PAA) is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to contribute to the preservation and promotion of African cultures. It is open to anyone who is interested in Africa, its cultures, its history and its art.

By becoming a member, you will take part in fascinating projects and will be able to actively involved in the development of the association. As a member, you will have access to the many events and conferences of the PAA. You will also receive our Newsletter to always be informed of the activities of the association.

Your membership also give you voting right during the General Assembly.

Admission is subject to the approval of the Association's Comitee.

Annual membership fee

The members of the association must pay a membership fee, which amounts to:

  • Adults: 50.-
  • Students/AVS: 25.-

How to become a member?

To become a member, please:

1. Fill out the form below.

2. Pay the membership fee by bank transfer to the following account:

Association Panafricaine pour l'Art
N° de compte:
CH38 0900 0000 1424 6753 3

3. Pay the registration fee, which amounts to:

  • Adults: 50.-
  • Students/AVS: 25.-

 into the account above. In case of renewal, the registration fee is waived.