The Sankofa Trilogy

The Sankofa trilogy is a project of traditional African art exhibitions organized by the Panafrican Art Association in Aire-la-Ville, Geneva (Switzerland).  It will explore traditional African cultures. Sankofa, a term used by the Akan peoples, literally means return (san) go (kô) search (fa). This philosophy highlights the importance of drawing from the past to build the future. Indeed, the Sankofa exhibitions will take you on a journey of discovery of ancient African philosophies as you follow the adventures of a hero on an existential quest through time and space.

The Sankofa exhibitions will take place from Fall  2016 to Spring 2018 and comprises 3 volumes:

Sankofa Vol. 1 : Land of the Ancestors (Fall 2016)

Sankofa Vol. 2 : Return to Life, Birth and Creation (Fall 2017)

Sankofa Vol. 3 : Healing, from Magic to Medecine (Summer 2018)

With these exhibitions, the Panafrican Art Association pays tribute to Dr. Martin Sigam and his life path. 

Discover the final volume of the trilogy, Healing: From Magic to Medecine

  from June 9th to July 6th 2018.



With the support of the city of Aire-la-Villealv-logo