Sankofa Vol. 1: Land of the Ancestors

Unity, diversity, tradition and artistic beauty are some of the words that could qualify what we are offering with the authentic journey that is the series of exhibitions Sankofa. Sankofa is an Ashanti philosophy, which is translated found throughout the world and means to draw from your past and roots to better create your future.

This trilogy will be a journey full of enigmas and discoveries, based on the very interesting life path of Dr. Martin Sigam. Citizen of the World and pan Africanist, he has always strived to build bridges between people of all ethnicities and showcase traditional African cultures. Through the arts  he has managed to empower many and promote cultural exchange.

The pieces of the Sigam Collection that will be showcased are not only works of art, but they also materialize the philosophies, values, beliefs and knowledge of many African ethnic groups throughout the sub-Saharan region. Transcending all borders and generations, these philosophies attempt to solve existential problems.

We invite you to discover what answers these peoples have developed to the questions that concern us all. In these exhibitions you’ll dive into the historic past of these masterpieces, what rites they were involved in and who used them. And you will also have the chance to create your own journey within these works of art.

From the terracotta heads of the great Nok civilisation dating back to 2 centuries B.C., to the royal thrones of Western Cameroon, which are still used in Bamileke and Bamoun chiefdoms today, you will discover more than two thousand years of history of the birth place of humanity. You will admire works that are as mesmerizing as frightening, complex as magic, or extraordinary as common.

The Land of the Ancestors exhibition closed its doors on the 4th of December 2016.

Don't miss the rest of  the trilogy with Sankofa Vol. 3 : Healing, from Magic to Medecine, which will take place from the 9th of June to the 6th of July 2018!

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