Sankofa Vol. 3: Healing, From Magic to Medecine

Sankofa continues with the third volume of the trilogy, Healing: From Magic to Medecine, which will take place from June 9th to July 6th 2018. After coming back to life with the second volume, Return to life: Birth & Creation, Land of the Ancestors, continue the hero's journey inspired by the life path of Dr. Martin Sigam and discover the many wonderful secrets to healing African peoples hold.

Through this rich and dense journey, you will discover more than two thousand years of history of the birth place of humanity. You will be able to admire works as mesmerizing as frightening, complex as magic, or extraordinary as common.


 The Sankofa Trilogy awaits you to finish the journey !


Come discover this exhibition from June 9th to July 6th 2018 in Aire-la-Ville.

For opening hours and directions, click here.


Alongside the exhibition, the Exhibition Opening and Sankofa Cultural Day will take place on Saturday June 9th 2018. Discover the program by clicking here.


To celebrate the end of the trilogy, a Gala will take place on Saturday July 7th 2018 with dinner, a show and many more surprises. To attend the gala please reserve a seat by clicking here.

If you wish to take a guided tour of the exhibition, please book an appointment here